About Adam

Hi, I'm Adam!

Professionally, as I hope you can already glean from my site, I'm a designer, a photographer, and a videographer. For the full rundown of my past educational and work experience, just take a look at my resume!

It's the other stuff (the non-career stuff) that I'd really like to share here.

  1. I am a husband, to my beautiful wife, Jenni.
  2. I am a father, to my amazing son, Desmond Fox.
  3. Since the age of 30, I run at least 1 marathon a year. I am currently training for the 2018 Dopey Challenge!
  4. I am an avid reader with an insatiable curiosity about life. My favorite author is Haruki Murakami.
  5. Besides running and reading, for fun I like to go on photo walkabouts.

Career Stuff

Oh, if you insist! I got my start in Indiana at Ball State University, majoring in Telecommunications, emphasis in Production.

After graduation, I moved to New York City where I was the first employee hired by an up-and-coming video podcasting company. I created over 40 unique shows, ranging from cooking to dance and everywhere in between.

New York City was my playground, where I added both design and photography to my skillset. I moved back to Indiana when I met my now-wife, Jenni.

In Indiana, I started my own freelance design firm while also maintaining full-time jobs as a graphic designer at an Estate Planning Company, then a Software Engineering Company.

April 2016, with a 6-month old in tow, Jenni and I moved to Washington after she received an incredible promotion and opportunity. I've been working as the head graphic designer at her company ever since.